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Benefits for your property

Internet usage is only going up and is a basic necessity these days. By offering your tenants something they already pay for, you are enticing them with something they need. Offering wireless Internet to your tenants at a discounted rate offers them something that the apartment complexes likely does not. This will differentiate you from your competition and make your apartments more desirable.

Our WiFi system once deployed will be accessible to all parts of the property. Tenants are able to roam around the property being at the pool, clubhouse, their apartment, or gym with their assigned password. Tenants are not tied down only to their apartment unit but rather are able to take their phone, tablet, laptop, anywhere in the property and still have Internet access.

Besides increasing rent on a yearly basis to keep up with inflation you can also generate income at a monthly basis with our wireless services. Allowing you to reinvest in the property or pocket the profits.

These days marketing has become fiercely competitive for apartment owners and management companies. Avoid the stress and cost of tenant turnover by providing this essential need to them for free.  This is an effective, affordable and hassle-free method to gaining new tenants and keeping current tenants happy.


Our support

You do not need to be a Internet guru or have to hire anyone with expertise on managing and configuring computer networks nor do you have to take on the hassle of managing and assigning passwords to your tenants.

We at Vibe Wireless Solutions will maintain, monitor, manage, and deal with all tenant WiFi setup. You will not have to deal with anything with the network, we take care of it all. The only thing you need to do is offer the service to your tenants and collect the money.