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Sharing the profit

How does Vibe Wireless Solutions help your bottom line?

As explained earlier Vibe Wireless will design, install, all the necessary supporting equipment for your new wireless network and be your 24/7 technical support

You, the owner, will collect the normal monthly rent from each tenant along with the Internet service charge. You will keep a minimum of 20% (of the Internet service charge) from each tenant that has signed up.

Offering the service

We have the technology and experience to provide Internet services and you have a perfect scenario to deploy our WiFi system, your tenants. We will not go around posting fliers or disturb your tenants with frequent visits to persuade them to sign up interrupting their time.

Instead we want to share the profit with you by investing a portion of time from your staff in offering your tenants the opportunity to buy our Internet services at a discounted rate from the normal Internet service providers.

You are not forced to sell it or to persuade beyond comfortable terms of your tenants. But the more tenants sign up the more profit you can make.

Beyond the 20% share

If you are interested in generating more than 20% we have opportunities to do so.

Like explained above we will share 20% with you if you sell the WiFi Internet service to your tenants and collect the money. But what if you want to make more than 20%?

If you would like to become a partner in the business we have different levels at which you can integrate with us in the business.

The profit sharing is based on percentage, hence the more apartments you have in your property the greater the potential of more tenants to sign up. In other words you have a capture audience.

We only offer two Internet speeds.