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What we offer

Imagine if you could build a wireless network where each computer device is interconnected with one another, allowing for all transmissions to be distributed, and due to its redundancy design even if one of the connections fails and is removed from the network, the end user will never experience a degradation of your Internet service.

Well, We at Vibe Wireless Solutions design, install and maintain wireless Mesh networks for apartments and condemns complexes throughout the Phoenix area. We support what we build with our 24/7 technical support to you and your tenants. Your success in offering a stable and easy Internet experiences to your tenant’s is our success.


We will survey and design wireless system specific to each apartment or condominium complex. Regardless of configuration or layout of your property we are able to design an efficient WiFi Mesh system. We take into consideration the ecstatics of your property and produce a detailed layout of the WiFi Mesh system for your review and approval.


We will install the infrastructure and equipment that will be supporting your complex for a truly efficient WiFi Mesh system.

Once we generate a specific WiFi Mesh system layout for your property we will then begin installation of all equipment. All underground cabling and conduit is performed by us as well as any cabling going up to the roof where the antennas may be mounted. All our outdoor equipment will be placed on weather tight approved boxes designed for our WiFi Mesh system. All routers, switches, WAPs (Wireless Access Points) are installed and provided by us. All access points are placed on the most efficient way to cover everyone in your complex including areas such as gym, pools, clubhouse.


Once the WiFi system has been installed and functional we will assign individual WiFi passwords for each tenant. Each tenant will use their password to access the Internet and may roam throughout the entire property where WiFi signal is available and continue to have Internet accessibility.

In the event of a equipment failure our WiFi Mesh system will notify our tech support department so that we resolve the issue in a promptly manner. All software and hardware upgrades are monitored and deployed on low usage hours.